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The Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy

The Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy


A genuine, still operational, Octoberfest beer stein with name plaque and winner year shields. “The trophy can do more than just look good”!

Awarded to the winner of the Decentralised Cross-Country Event, League II

This trophy was donated to the Decentralised Cross-Country event in 2000 by the Bathurst Soaring Club. The donation was inspired by the contribution the annual “Narromine Cup and Performance Camp Week” makes to club pilots by providing them with an opportunity to achieve their personal cross country goals. The link with the DCE is through the DCE providing the opportunity for further cross country development throughout the whole soaring season. It was decided to donate the trophy as a perpetual for the League I winner. The efforts of Eric Sweet deserve special mention and thanks.

Season Pilot Club Sailplane Points
1999/2000 Chris Stephens Orana S.C. DG 300 947
2000/2001 Miles Gore-Brown Orana S.C. Discus 2 1568
2001/2 Chris Stephens Orana S.C. DG 300  
2001/3 Makoto Ichikawa Orana S.C. LS8a 2950


DCC Convener, Chris Stephens, recommended to the National Competitions Committee on May 20th 2000, that“If the second place getter in League 2 or 4 places higher than the winner of League I, then the‘Sportavia’Trophy should be given to that pilot, not to the League I winner”

Sports Committee Chairman, Terry Cubley, reported“This makes sense and was approved by the NCC and we are happy for this to occur for this season forward”.


Following the year 2000 changes mentioned above, the winner of League I, if not winning the‘Australian Gliding’nor the‘Sportavia’Trophy will be listed hereunder and presented with a certificate.

2000 Chris Stephens 627 km DG 300 Certificate
2003 Ms Akemi Hirotsune 2307 points LS8b Certificate. Visiting pilot highest points

1974 / 1983

Year Class Pilot Glider
1974/5 Open D.I.Ferguson Nimbus 2
  Standard C.D.Norman Standard Libelle
  Junior Standard R.Ridgewell Standard Libelle
  Sports Marian Schneider Boomerang
  Junior Sports S.A.Young Boomerang
1975/6 Open A.G.Tabart Nimbus 2
  Standard R.B.Tuncks Standard Libelle
  Junior Standard P.Briggs Standard Cirrus
  Sports S.Brackley Boomerang
  Junior Sports B. Koiker Arrow
1976/77 Open I.Renner Nimbus 2
  Standard R.Ridgewell Standard Cirrus
  Junior Standard D.Malcoff Standard Cirrus
  Sports M.Gill Spruce Goose
1977/8 Open G.Garlick Jantar 19m
  15 Metre R.W.Ward Pik 20 D
  Standard D.McCaffrey Hornet
  Junior Standard R.H.Tapp ASW 19
  Sports C.C.Alderton Pilatus B4
  Junior Sports G.Gibbons Club Libelle
1978/9 Open A.G.Tabart Nimbus 2
  15 Metre R.B.Tuncks Mosquito
  Standard P.V.Curtis Standard Cirrus
1979/80 Open K.Wellington Nimbus 2
  15 Metre Karla Karel LS3
  Standard R.East Standard Libelle
1980/1 Open I.Renner Nimbus 2
  15 Metre P.Mander ASW 20
  Standard A.Hartley Standard Libelle
1981/2 Open I.Renner Nimbus 2
  15 Metre R.B.Tuncks Mosquito
  Standard B.Woods Hornet
  Sports E.Prelgauskas Boomerang
  Junior S.O'Donnell LS3A
1982/3 Open I.Renner Nimbus 3
  15 Metre J.Rowe LS3 & LS4
  Standard H.Feuersanger LS1F
  Sports G.Wrigley Salto


In 1983 the Sports Committee changed the categories in order to conduct a fairer competition.

Any inequality had been brought about by improved aircraft performances and domination in some areas by high standard pilots to the detriment of some inexperienced pilots.

It was decided to develop two Leagues in each class.

Pilots seeded up to 100 were placed in League 1.

Pilots seeded 101 and over were placed in League 2.

For two-seater gliders to qualify they were to be flown solo.


# = Winner of A.G.Trophy in Bold Type
(See also League 2 Results)

1983/84 I.Renner # 3553.3 points Nimbus 3 No award    
1984/85 G.Marzinzik 3689 Nimbus 2 N.C.Roediger # 3841 points LS3
1985/86 I.Renner 3060 Nimbus 3 G.Hart 1894 Mosquito
1986/87 No contest     No contest    
1987/88 No contest     No contest    
1988/89 A. Olssen 2563 Nimbus 2 N.C.Roediger # 2877 LS3
1983/84 G.Wrigley 2724.0 Standard Cirrus No award
1984/85 C.Crittenden 3616 LS4 No award
1985/86 I.Renner # 4085 Discus A No award
1986/87 No contest     No contest
1987/88 No contest     No contest
1988/89 R.Henderson 907 LS4 No award

In 1989 the Decentralised Comps Rules were changed yet again, and the:

Season Pilot Points Sailplane Trophy
1989/90 N.C.Roediger 2190 LS3 SPORTAVIA
1990/91 A Ohlssen 2195 Nimbus 2 SPORTAVIA
1991/92 Janet Hider-Smith 1792 Discus SPORTAVIA
1992/93 R.B.Tuncks # 2548 Mosquito AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1993/94 R.B.Tuncks 2168 Mosquito SPORTAVIA
1994/95 F.Romig 1651   SPORTAVIA
1995/96 Nobuko Katsuyama 1255 Various SPORTAVIA
1996/97 Paul Mason 2198 Discus SPORTAVIA
1997/98 Chris Stephens 1318 DG300 SPORTAVIA
1998/99 Tom Claffey 1218   SPORTAVIA
1999/2000 Bob Edwards 1941 Discus SPORTAVIA
2000/01 Matt Anglim 2023   SPORTAVIA
2001/02 James Cooper     SPORTAVIA
2002/03 Mal Williams 2548 SZD38A Std Jantar SPORTAVIA

The Sportavia Trophy

The Sportavia Trophy


The Sportavia Soaring Centre saw a need for a new trophy for use in the Decentralised Competitions and in 1990 donated this perpetual trophy.

Whereas the Australian Gliding Trophy (QV) is awarded to the pilot gaining the highest points score in either League 1 or League 2 , the 'SPORTAVIA TROPHY' is awarded to the pilots gaining the highest points score in 'the other' league. Hence it switches between the two leagues. However, in practice, it more often goes to League 2, just as the 'AG Trophy' more often goes to League 1.

In 1999 the DCE Convenor recommended that the Sportavia Trophy be awarded to the ‘Runner-Up’ on points score, irrespective of the League. This was accepted by the Sports Committee and ratified at the Annual Council Meeting.

Early in 2001 the Bathurst Soaring Club donated two new trophies, the Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy and the NSWGA Shield, to be awarded to the winners of League I and League II respectively

The Australian Gliding Trophy

The Australian Gliding Trophy


The committee of "Australian Gliding " magazine gave this trophy to GFA in 1970 "for use at the Nationals"as there always seemed to be a shortage of a trophy which could be awarded to a pilot for some good reason. The first dedication, until 1974, was to the Sports Class Champion. From 1975 until 1978 it was awarded simply "for outstanding performance"

By 1979 the Decentralised Competitions became well organised and required trophies so the GFA Council, on the recommendation of the Sports Committee, reallocated the trophy so that it was awarded to the pilot with the highest points score in the Decentralised Competitions irrespective of the class of glider being flown. This policy resulted in the Australian Gliding Trophy switching between the classes, depending upon where the highest points score is gained.

At that stage the D.C.C. was scored in 'Classes', by glider classification
The first winner, in the 1979/80 season was K.Wellington of Bathurst in a Nimbus, Open class.
In the 1980/81 season the winner was Ingo Renner in a Nimbus 2, Open class.
In the 1981/2 season Bruce Tuncks lead the overall points in his Mosquito, 15m class.
In the 1982/3 season it was back to Ingo Renner , this time in a Nimbus 3, Open class.

From 1983 the Decentralised Competitions were reorganised into Leagues. [Refer folio 3A/7]

[ In 1990 the need for another trophy, for the winner of whichever turned out to be 'the other' League, was recognised and the 'Sportavia Trophy' was introduced Q.V. ]

The State of Origin plate

Junior State Teams Contest

State of Origin plateA simple silver-plated platter with the JoeyGlide logo engraved centrally and with the words ‘THE STATE OF ORIGIN PLATE’ around the logo.

And in smaller lettering ‘Donated by the GFA’ and beneath the logo
‘Australian Junior Gliding Championships

It is to be awarded to the Junior State Team, the members of which are declared prior to Day 1, which achieves the highest aggregate score.

Pilot Names
2005/6 Heath L'Estrange, David McMannus, 
Andrew Maddocks, Nicholas Maddocks
Qld Leeton 2
2006/7 Adam Wooley, Andrew Maddocks, Nick Maddocks Qld Leeton 3

The Schempp-Hirth trophy

Citizenship and Airmanship

Schempp-Hirth trophyTo be awarded to the pilot judged by his/her fellow contestants as having displayed the best citizenship/airmanship during the contest.

The trophy was donated by Chris Kiehn of Fibremites, the Australian agent for Schempp-Hirth

2005/6 Caleb White   Victoria Leeton 2
2006/7 Lukew Tiller Std Libelle NZ Leeton 3

The Schempp-Hirth trophy

Citizenship and Airmanship

Schempp-Hirth trophyTo be awarded to the pilot judged by his/her fellow contestants as having displayed the best citizenship/airmanship during the contest.

The trophy was donated by Chris Kiehn of Fibremites, the Australian agent for Schempp-Hirth

2005/6 Caleb White   Victoria Leeton 2
2006/7 Lukew Tiller Std Libelle NZ Leeton 3

The Maurie Bradney Junior Champion Trophy

Maurie Bradney Junior Champion Trophy

The Australian National Junior Championship
was inaugurated in 2004.

A group of enthusiastic young pilots in Queensland and elsewhere were instrumental in establishing this new category of Championships, seeking and obtaining GFA approval. The first such Championship was held at temora, NSW from 5th to 11th December 2004. It was a successful venture and augurs well for the future.

A new GFA Trophy (1 of 2) was crafted by Mark and Marchiko Stanley of Waikerie Gliding Club and donated by Ann Woolf, in memory of Maurie Bradney, GFA Honorary Life Member, CFI and Manager of Waikerie Gliding Club for much of the last three decades of the 20th century and National coach until just before he died, in August 2002, from Motor Neurone Disease.

The first Junior Champion was Adam Woolley of Queensland.

[A similarly styled Maurie Bradney Trophy, for the best placing within the first 15 places was also donated by Ann Woolf, for contest at the Club Class Nationals each year.]

2004/5 Adam Woolley Qld Temora 1st
2005/6 David McManus Qld Leeton 2nd
2006/7 James Dutschke  - Astir 77CS SA Leeton 3rd  

The Junior Trans-Tasman trophy

Australia versus New Zealand

The Junior Trans Tasman TrophyThis trophy comprises a simple plate glass frameless panel with an irregular five sided top standing vertically on a polished hardwood rectangular plinth with rounded ends.

At the top the glass is abraded with an outline map of Australia and New Zealand, the words ‘The Junior Trans-Tasman Trophy’ across the map, a sailplane above and ‘Donated by the GFA’ beneath. The lower part has dividing lines, one horizontal about half way down the panel, and one vertical division below. It appears that the names are to be engraved directly on to the glass in the two columns so formed

The trophy is for contest between a pre-nominated pilot from each country during the Junior Nationals. Possibly alternating year venues are intended as in the case of the W.A. Iggulden Tasman Trophy (not a hard and fast rule)

Winning Pilot vs opponent
2005/6 Heath L'Estrange vs Dane Dickinson Australia Leeton 2
2006/7 Colin Stauss vs Luke Tiller Australia Leeton 3

The Joey Cup

Awarded on a 'weight for age' formula

Joey CupThe Joey Cup, instituted at the 2004/5 Junior Nationals at Leeton, awarded to a person following the application of a ‘weight for age’ type formula, taking the pilot’s results and flying hours into account. The organisers failed to promulgate this at the time, it became known after the following championships in December 2005

It was donated by Al Sim of ‘GoSoaring.com.au.

2004/5 Heath L'Estrange Discus Queensland Temora 1
2005/6 Jade Palmer Discus Sth Australia Leeton 2
2006/7 James Dutstchke Astir 77 CS Sth Australia Leeton 3

The George Lee Trophy

Highest Handicapped Speed

George Lee trophyThe trophy comprises a glass plate standing vertically on a circular polished hardwood plinth. The glass is most attractively abraded with an eagle in approach mode, with a gilded single seat sailplane embossed onto it, It has the JoeyGlide logo in colour at the top and the title ‘The George Lee Trophy’ in black incised script running vertically up the left hand side.

Across the bottom is the inscription
‘For the Highest Handicapped Speed
at the Australian Junior Gliding Championships’
The vertical edge of the polished hardwood plinth has about 18 heart shaped plates for the names of winners.

The trophy was donated by George Lee, a former British Champion now specialising in coaching young pilots in Australia

Glider type
2005/6 Heath L'Estrange Discus A VH-ZBK Qld 103km/h Leeton 2
2006/7 Andrew Maddocks DG909 Qld   Leeton 3

The Catherine Conway cup

Highest placed Female pilot

Catherine Conway CupThis Cup is a traditional ornate two handled silver plated cup mounted upon a square polished timber plinth, which bears a plaque with the JoeyGlide logo and the title “The Catherine Conway Cup”. It is to be awarded to the highest place female pilot at the Australian National Juniors Championship each year.

It was donated by Internode in recognition of the contribution made, and still being made, by Cathy Conway in her role of Sports Coach, a role for which she was personally tutored by the late Maurie Bradney in the months before his death

2005/6 Sarah Allen   SA Leeton 2
2006/7 Sarah Allen Std Cirrus SA Leeton 3