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To place a classified ad go to the online form at THIS LINK. You will be able to enter all the necessary details, upload a picture and pay for the advertisement in one easy step.

Ads will be placed on the GFA website for one month from the date of payment. Ads that are current at magazine deadline will appear in next edition of Gliding Australia - published the third week of every second month

To see advertisements scroll down this page or the click links below



VH-GVF Pik20B, LX9000 computer with remote stick, Becker AR6201 radio, winglets, factory trailer, tow-out gear, 3700 hrs, 10-year survey 2014 and Form2 Nov 2018.  $17,500 ONO. Contact Roger at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0427 678 142


FLEET SALE: IS28B2 TTSN 8,614 hrs, front and back instruments – IS28B2 TTSN 684 hrs, front instruments only, trailer - ASW17/23 TTSN 2,107 hrs, basic instruments, trailer - HP10 TTSN 701 trailer - Caproni A15 (project) TTSN unknown,no instruments. Many parts for IS28B2 available. Universal trailer fits any glider. George mob 0434 413 963

George Schuit glider photo



VH-OKN DISCUS CS, 780hrs, 650 Landings, built 1994 and not flown for 7 years always stored in a hangar. Great performing glider, a perfect club glider with V7 vario, Oudie 2, Becker radio, Winter Vario & altimeter, and a full service history with associated documentation. Comes with a Komet III QLD registered trailer. $75,000 ONO Contact Denis  0405 609 601





VH-GML Mosquito for sale, serial number #8, built 1977 in very good condition, the wings are in pristine condition. more info http://www.sailplanes.co/sailplanes/single-seat-sailplanes/mosquito-vh-gml_108 $19,800 Contact David 0439 734 646




VH – KYL LS6-b Recent refurbishment and Form2, ASI, ALT, Cambridge LNav and Vario, Winter Vario, Dittel radio, Flarm. New mylars, main wheel bearings, tyre and tube, new Gadringer seat harness. Trailer and tow out gear, trailer rewired. TTIS 4683 $55000 neg. Contact Gary 0408 243348 or Grant 0417 843 444.

VH KYL Classified Photo


VH-CTG LS1D, 3404hrs, 1318 Landings. Great performing LS1D with recently rewired electrical and repiped pitot static system. Includes a recently installed flarm Mouse (with certified flight logger) and Flarm-NAV readout, a Winter Variometer, and a full service history with associated documentation. Comes with a good registered trailer. Will be sold with a fresh Form 2 Annual Inspection / Maintenance Release $15,000 ONO Contact Steve 0437 187 565



VH-UKD Ventus2a – Competition ready – Cobra Trailer (reg NSW) and basic instruments. Full tow gear. Empty weight 220kg, carries 220 litres water. $80,000 Call 0407 459 581



VH-UKH Schleicher ASK21, an excellent training aircraft with long serviceable life remaining. Cockpit and exterior GC, flight instruments include a B500 and Microair radio, good Trailer, Tow out gear, Spin kit, 6000 hr extension issued by factory, fully maintained, ready to fly, great Club asset. Available from March 2018. Price $80,000. Contact Greg Kolb 0407 696 351



VH-XQK, DG500M, two seat, self launching motor glider, 60HP Rotax 535C. Has been syndicate owned since being imported new in 1992. Being sold with a recent Form 2 inspection. Always hangered. $120,000 reduced to $95,000 ONO. For more details contact Bob   Ph 02 6332 9235 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Faeta by ATEC , Glider TOW, Touring. Factory built Glider Tow 100HP and touring LSA, 2013, 380 hrs TTIS, six pack plus EFIS, mode C, and GPS. Would suit new plane buyer. Economical cruise at 115 knots. $85,000 ONO. Contact Ken on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0457 811 627



DG808B 18m self launch glider 2001. TT 411 Hrs Engine Solo 2625-01 TT 23 Hrs. Annual and ARA due may 2018. Fully equipped, Winter vario/ASI/Alt, Becker AR4101 radio, Trigg TT22 transponder. LXNAV V7 linked to Oudie 2/LXNAV Nano. Kanardia Horis mini EFIS - Horizon/ALT/IAS/TAS/Temp/HDG. Solar panels fitted with 2 x 12v 9AH additional batteries for endurance flying. One-man rigging equipment, Cobra trailer with new tyres, current rego and WOF. Located Auckland, New Zealand. All in excellent condition and ready to fly NZ$145,000 plus GST if kept in NZ. www.sportsaircraftnz.com or call +64 9 423 9494, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



VH - ZHX Distar Sundancer, 13/15  2 seat motor glider, LSA approval by GFA, 1 year old, engine 80 hrs, form 2 just completed, had a terrific time flying the morning glory with Ian McPhee last September, have to sell because of health reason, suits new aircraft buyer $138,000 ono call Heinz 02 6649 2783



VH – IPL DG 400, 4 – 100 Excellent condition, 1927 hrs. airframe, 214 hrs. engine. BEA auto engine retract, EGT, PU refinish, Mountain High oxy, Cambridge 302/303, Tasman flight computer, DG service contract, Jaxida canopy cover, fresh Form 2, parachute, charger, spares etc, metal trailer inc. one man rig/de-rig. $85,000 Contact John 03 9876 2808





VH-GFF, Nimbus 3T 25.5m. Total hours 2900. Engine hours 40.Tilt-up panel mod and full instrument panel rewire completed by Maddog Composites. Panel configured for lxnav V7 + Oudie IGC + Flarm and Dittel Radio fitted.Cockpit fitted with Mountain High Oxygen system and bug wipers also available. Fully set up for competition or distance flying.

Pfeiffer trailer has been fully refinished and reconfigured (by Maddog Composites) with Cobra style wing dollies stabilised with side bearing runners and hydraulic lift for the fuselage. Comes with full IMI one man rigging system and tow out gear, including tail lift. No heavy manual handling required with this setup. Glider also comes with full all-weather covers and wing and tail ballast tanks all fully operational. Also comes with 24.5m and 22.9m wingtips and various spares.

Sustainer is fitted and fully operational with min pilot weight 78kg and maximum weight with full fuel 100kg. Glider is fully sorted and in very good condition inside and out. Full PU refinish in 2012. Genuine 1:60 glide performance in a very elegant and capable package. Glider is currently hangered at Bathurst Soaring Club and a package with T-hanger is also possible. Price: $85,000 negotiable Contact Adam Gill, Phone 0417 770 084




VH-GUE DG500M 1/5 SHARE. Based at Boonah. Built 1995 always hangared. Immaculate condition. New Solo engine factory fitted in Germany by Binder 2014.  Equipped for solo independent operation. Australian Agent for Solo Engines is one of the syndicate members. Dual Mountain High oxygen system.  Flarm and Mode C Transponder for safety and CTA transit Full avionics panel, flight and engine controls both cockpits, Low utilization. Price reduced  $32000. Jim 07 3821 1246 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


VHF RADIOS - Icom ICA-210, Becker AR3201 and AR4201, Funke ATR600. 
Becker AR4201 - $700
Becker AR3201 - $400
ATR600 - $500  
All in working order - Great prices . Call Arnie 0418 270 182 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Komet Eurolight Trailer for ASG 29 18m

Purchased August 2008. Double walled aluminium sides, fiberglass/Epoxy top. Lateral guides for wing dollies and outer wing panel holders modified to Cobra style. Stored mainly undercover and used infrequently. Selling due to an opportunity to change to a different trailer. $17,000 Contact Craig Vinall  0416 236 662


Kmet Eurolight